“Much of Dr. King’s broad and powerful message is in danger of being left behind, as new generations come to know him only through history and see him more as myth than man.  His life and great works are still relevant to the complex realities of today’s social problems and if we allow the richness of his example to recede, we lose the opportunity to learn from him.  There is still so much to learn from walking in his path.”

Senator Edward Kennedy 

Martin Luther King's Beloved Community and #BlackLivesMatter

The movie Selma deserves the accolades it has received not just for its artistry but also because it lays bare for modern day activists the kind of strategies that are necessary to work a social transformation. Martin Luther King, Jr., was a Christian theologian but he was also a tactician. He recognized the power and absolute moral authority in love and nonviolence. He championed agape love.(More information...)

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Dr. Cornel West

These days, few people appreciate how truly radical Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was. Arranged thematically in four parts, The Radical King includes twenty-one selections, curated and introduced by Cornel West, that illustrate King’s revolutionary Christian vision as a democratic socialist, underscoring his identification with the poor, his unapologetic opposition to the Vietnam War, and his crusade against global imperialism.

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