“Americans all across our great country and people around the world have been inspired to achieve great things because of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. – because of his teachings and because of his life.”

—Secretary of State Hillary Clinton

From Freedom Summer to Ferguson: Teaching MLK in 21st Century Classrooms

During the civil rights movement of the 20thcentury, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., stood up against the injustices of the time to make America a better place for all people. More than 45 years after his assassination, his message is still relevant as we continue to struggle with issues like unjust laws, racism, poverty, and war. We believe that talking with young people about his vision and its continued relevance will better enable them to build the America Dr. King envisioned.(More information...)

Coming in January 2015

Dr. Cornel West

These days, few people appreciate how truly radical Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was. Arranged thematically in four parts, The Radical King includes twenty-one selections, curated and introduced by Cornel West, that illustrate King’s revolutionary Christian vision as a democratic socialist, underscoring his identification with the poor, his unapologetic opposition to the Vietnam War, and his crusade against global imperialism.

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